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1 In da House
by: DJ-Dreamland
2 De(s)troit House
by: DJ Flavkid
3 feelin' the ru...
by: soho electric
4 The Signs
by: Live at the Stripclub
5 I miss love
6 Der Stern
7 Melodica (Remix)
by: DJ-Dreamland
8 Mad Connec
by: Kid Vers
9 u got it autom...
by: soho electric
10 Private Dancer
by: Live at the Stripclub
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Soundflag - The First Worldwide Online Sound Label - the beta version of Soundflag goes online and the international online sound label search for bands and musicians of more than 25 nations worldwide.

If Pop, Hip Hop, classical music, reggae, country music or dance - every musical taste will be fitted on Soundflag.

In the future, songs and albums of excellent musicians and future chartbreakers from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, China, Japan, India, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic will be available for download from the Soundflag pages. Musical offerings from more nations will be next.

Soundflag is a byword for quality, fairness and service.
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Trancenation (...
by: DJ-Dreamland
triptomatic so...
by: soho electric
feelin' the ru...
by: soho electric
Kid Vers

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